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What swimming goggles should you buy?
If you’re wondering why some goggles are now commanding a price tag of £60-plus and whether they can really be worth it, or you’re baffled about the difference between pool and open-water goggles, then we’re here to help you find (and care for) the best pair for your needs.
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Five simple tips to improve your freestyle swimming technique
If you’re new to swimming freestyle (or front crawl), with so many things to think about everything can seem a bit overwhelming. For that reason, it’s important to keep things simple when developing your stroke
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What is the Rampion wind farm swim challenge?
Nikki Gatland (AKA Salty Swims) is the creator of a unique new endurance challenge: the Rampion wind farm swim, on which she takes clients out to the mighty turbines to swim the 15km back to Shoreham or Brighton on the tide
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Why seaweed can help save the planet
Seaweed is nutritious, healthy, sustainable, a carbon-capture champion and a marine life-saver
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