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How can you improve your freestyle swimming stroke?

Focus on one part of your swimming stroke at a time With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to work out how best to improve your stroke. It’s better to look at one element at a time, bearing in mind that one part of the stroke affects another, so it takes time to […]

What to do if you’re swimming where people are fishing

What are the rights of swimmers and anglers? As there is no issue over the right to swim on beaches and in rivers up to the ‘tidal limit’ – often a long way inland – this is where best practice can be established.  But there is no official legislation on the rights of swimmers versus […]

How should you choose a wetsuit for swimming?

What are the benefits of wearing a wetsuit? Wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water between your skin and the neoprene suit. This is warmed by the body and, provided the suit fits properly, will insulate you. This will allow you to stay in the water longer and could be just what you need […]

Is it safe to go open-water swimming in the UK?

How to stay safe when open-water swimming Avoid swimming downstream from a sewage overflow directly after heavy rainfall.  Download the Safer Seas & Rivers Service app and get notified if there’s a spill near your favourite beach.  Check your local river pool isn’t polluted at theriverstrust.org.  Read top tips for staying safe and healthy from […]

What is the best training equipment for serious swimmers?

What swimwear is essential? You can pay hundreds for a top-of-the-range hydrodynamic swimsuit, but all you need is something streamlined and chlorine-resistant. Speedo’s Endurance range for men and women fits the bill and won’t break the bank.  When buying goggles, considerations include the nose bridge (fixed or adjustable), frame (silicon is standard except in Swedish-style […]

Interview with Jo Ruxton, founder of Ocean Generation

Why Jo Ruxton made the A Plastic Ocean documentary ‘There is something about the ocean that gives you this incredible sense of wellbeing’ says Jo. ‘I have an autoimmune disease – rheumatoid arthritis. Cold-water swimming is supposed to be good for the immune system, and I have felt and been so much better since I […]

Is it safe to go swimming in the rain?

English open-water coach Sue Lord says: ‘Being prepared for each swim is vital. Always assess your swim area and conditions before taking the plunge, and never swim alone. This advice is reiterated by Ashley Jones, Swim England Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Manager: ‘Swimming in the rain is not generally a problem for confident open-water […]

Why are Britain’s lidos making a comeback?

How lidos helped to create a more democratic Britain In the 19th century, most Britons couldn’t swim. Swimming, like most leisure activities, was the privilege of the gentry. For most of society, harsh working conditions in the Victorian era meant leisure time was largely limited; and although there were communal bath houses around at the […]

What is Sea Lanes, Brighton’s new outdoor swimming pool?

‘Not just a pool, but a community centre championing fitness, nutrition and nature’ With so many pools shutting their doors and emptying their tanks in the seemingly never-ending energy crisis, it’s a good news day when a new pool opens for business, especially one with the ‘open water for all’ philosophy at the heart of […]